Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program

Earn extra income by sharing The bundles that Sell themselves

Are you a blogger or online business owner who has benefited from one of my courses, ebooks or digital products? 

Why not make some extra money by sharing your experiences with your friends, community and readers?

I'd love to invite you to join the

Join the Ultimate Bundles affiliate program under my brand and earn so much with bundles that sell themsevles. With bundles that cover so many niches you will find the perfect bundle for your audience. 



The simple form embedded below will step you through the process to apply for the affiliate program. Once you are accepted you will get access to the bundles at 40% Off! 
Contributors earn 70% on each bundle sold through their unique link; non-contributing affiliates earn 40%.


Ultimate Bundles does the work of curating the best products together and handling all of the checkout process, marketing swipes, and graphics. You do your part by sending your list information on the bundles that you think they will enjoy.

Get Paid

Affiliates are able to purchase a copy of the bundle at 40% off or earn a free bundle when you sell 5 copies during the sale. Payments are sent to every contributor and affiliate via PayPal on the 11th of the second month after the sale date.

How Much could you earn?


Contributors earn 70% on each bundle sold through their unique link; non-contributing affiliates earn 40%.
When a reader clicks one of your affiliate links, it places a cookie in their browser. If they purchase right away or within 30 days after clicking, you will earn a commission on their sale. Sales are made based on the last cookie clicked. In other words, if someone clicks on a cookie today but on someone else’s cookie the day they buy, the person whose cookie they buy through actually gets the sale. The only ways you would not earn the commission is: 1. They clicked on someone else’s affiliate link after clicking on yours but before purchasing. 2. They don’t save cookies in their browser (though this is rare-most people’s browsers are set up to accept cookies).
Payments are sent to every contributor and affiliate via PayPal on the 11th of the second month after the sale date. That means January earnings will be sent on March 11th, February’s will be sent April 11th, and so on.

The number one way to promote the bundle is via email! We also encourage you to post about this bundle all week long on both your blog and via social media.

To help you plan ahead and make the most of your marketing efforts, we host an affiliate marketing webinar for each bundle, which you’ll find on the information page under Current Bundles in the portal.

We’ve also added several training documents to the Marketing Training section of the portal:

The Bundle 101 guide with detailed information about various forms of promotion.

The SMART Goals worksheet to help you set goals and make a plan to reach them.

A printable strategy planner
A detailed look at the relationship between clicks and conversions (and how to increase both)

Another PDF containing actual emails that have been previously sent out (and successful in terms of open rates and sales generated) by Stephanie, Erin and Wardeh (all of whom have been top sellers in various bundles).

Also, we encourage you to use the Facebook group to engage with other authors and affiliates about strategies and ideas.

Promotional banners and buttons are under Assets, Links & Banners on the left sidebar. You’ll also find covers and product images for each of the products in the bundle, logos and product images for the bonus offers, and logos, icons and other brand materials under Current Bundles.

You may also find promotional images that other authors have shared with everyone else in the Facebook group (but make sure that they’ve specified it is free for anyone to use, otherwise ask their permission first).

Yes! This will give you a great discount, and bundles make great gifts and promotional giveaways.

Get started easily

We supply all the tools for you and handle all the fulfillment details, such as order processing, billing, and support. Rest assured that when you refer customers to us, we make sure we get top notch service and care every step of the way.

Who Can Apply

If you have a blog or website and would like to share Ultimate Bundles with your readers and followers, we would love to have you join us. There are no minimum traffic requirements, and international affiliates are welcome!


Payments are sent to via PayPal on the 11th of the second month after they’er earned. In plain English, that means January earnings are sent on March 11th, February’s are sent April 11th, and so on.

Commission Rates

Affiliates earn 40% on each bundle sold through their unique link. Contributors whose products are accepted as part of a bundle earn 70% on each bundle sold through their link. Head over here for more information.

Training & Support

Our goal at Ultimate Bundles is to help you grow your business, and one way we do that is by providing unsurpassed affiliate marketing training for our affiliates.