Build Your Vision Board &
Master Your Goals Workshop

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Build Your Vision Board & Master Your Goals Workshop

January 26, 2022 @ 9:30am CST

Learn about Vision Boards and get your Goals all lined up for 2022.

The Workshop Includes:

Module 1: Vision Board Power
Module 2: Creating Your Vision Board
Module 3: Your Lifestyle Planner
Module 4: Your Business Vision Planner
Module 5: Set Goals for Success

Hey! I'm Cousett!

I am the Founder and Mompreneur Business Educator at Techie Mamma! I have been working, designing, developing, and teaching technology since 2005. I am a former academic and Educational Technology Ph.D. student turned Mompreneur with a mission to empower Mompreneurs build, and grow their business.

Also known as THE Techie Mamma, I am a mom to two young boys and love all things tech related. Maximizing technology, I teach Mompreneurs how they can scale their business to live the lifestyle they want.

When not wrangling my boys, you can find me creating new courses, products, and programs that maximize learning in a variety of ways, speaking at summits, WordCamps, and podcasts.

My latest venture includes a unique MOMpreneur Mastermind, a collective coaching experience, employing technology for an on your own time experience for the busy Mompreneur Life. You can find more information on my blog Mompreneur Life and social media @techiemamma.