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“Techie Mamma was so helpful to me because I am very tech challenged. she went in my site and looked at my issues and sent me a great plan to move forward with it, as well as helped some issue right then and there. thanks!”



“One meeting with Cousett and she had my site looking exactly the way I wanted it! She understood what I wanted and made it happen. I highly recommend her to solve your techie issues and help you create a beautiful and professional looking website!!”


Now, like, I don’t even have to worry about it because she does all the work for me and I could not be more happy with her work, her service, her personality, the way that she treats my website [and] knows it’s my baby. … I can trust her with everything on my website.


“The value of Cousett’s services cannot be overstated- her experience and expertise have exceeded my expectations and improved my business at every turn. Highly recommend!”

Mama Shark

I met with Cousett because I have been trying to create a web site for my business and I’ve been working on it for 4 months with little progress. We discussed my needs and the tools I have used so far and she helped me to realize that Word Press and Wix were designed for people who don’t code. I have experience in programming (in Cobol and other languages) and coding in HTML (and other languages) Cousett pointed out to me that I need the flexibility that coding allows. She was very professional and pleasant to work with and “knows her stuff”.


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