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The book Rising Sisterhood and our online community encompasses powerful women who are celebrating, empowering and lifting up our sisters as we make a true impact on the world.

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"You are meant for more. And your story is meant to be told."

Too often we forget that we aren’t alone in the world – that even though we all have our own unique experiences, there are people out there who probably went through something similar and can understand, to an extent, how you’re feeling. I am guilty of this. I’m sure you are … 

— Alyssa Smith



Beautifully written & Inspiring tales from women who have risen against trials in their lives. I took away so much from reading this book & will be recommending it to my friends. 

— Amber erin

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The Rising Sisterhood is More - Tell Your Story - Join The Community

Join the community! Our private group on Facebook, “The Rising Sisterhood” is a place for us to share & connect as sisters and we’d love to have you as we all rise together.
Apply to be an author! Being a contributing author was a powerful experience for me and if you have a story of triumph to share (and we all do), you can be a voice in the movement too. Head over and apply to be to a future author.

Amplifying Our Voices Together podcast

Interviews with our Rising Sisterhood authors will inspire leaders to grow your impact, find your voice, and celebrate our success.

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